Virtual cyberbunker philippine basketball association betting

Standard bets on sporting events is no surprise. Absolutely all bookmakers specialize in this area. Recently, our world has come to such concepts as e-sports, virtual sports, cyberpatrol, etc. Do not confuse them with one another.

ESports vs virtual sports

First, let’s look at the terminology. ESports involves tournaments for certain computer games, in which real people, united in teams, take part. The most common competitions are held in the following games:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Dota-2
  • League of Legends.

Virtual sports is a section on the bookmaker’s website, formed in the form of a computer simulator of the chosen sports discipline. These are random matches where any team or athlete of philippine basketball association can easily create a sensation and win against the favorite.

Popular sports:

  • Cyber football.
  • Libertines.
  • Cyber hockey.
  • Cyberbunker.

The prefix “cyber” can be replaced with the word “virtual”, that is, instead of cyberbasketball, many sources specify virtual basketball.

In the first and second cases, the betting company take bets. In eSports, everything depends on the teamwork and the individual skill of each eSports player, but in virtual sports, a machine that works according to a certain algorithm produces random results, the human factor is excluded.

What is the difference?

The problem is that bets on eSports are accepted by absolutely all domestic legal bookmakers, but bets on virtual sports are available only from offshore representatives of the betting market.

For a clear example, look at the official website of the legal betting company Fonbet. The operator provides dozens of matches on CS:GO, Dota-2, Rainbow, Overwatch, Call of Duty, LoL, etc.

Now let’s look at the website of the offshore betting organization Parimatch. It has both. We are interested in virtual disciplines. As you can see, football, basketball, tennis and the world cup are available. This is truly a wide range of services.

What is a virtual basketball (cyberbunker)?

Cyberbunker is virtual basketball League (VBL). Artificial intelligence forms a game model, broadcasts matches, and produces different results. Matches take place around the clock, and one meeting lasts 10 minutes. Everything happens live. Several league seasons take place during the day.

If we are talking about basketball, there are 16 real teams whose names match those that play in the NBA, ranging from Chicago to Portland. Naturally, in order not to delay the match and the season as a whole, the computer shows the game in fragments. The line for the next round is formed immediately as soon as the previous round begins.

The instructions say that the result of the match is influenced by motivation, statistics, etc., but this is not true. Yes, there is a certain algorithm, but it contains a lot of non-standard situations that result in sensational results in bets. The human factor is excluded at this stage. You can, of course, rely on statistics based on the standings, but in some cases the result of the match will surprise you.

The virtual basketball page is divided into two parts:

  • Broadcast and standings.
  • Line up for the upcoming championship round.

First, let’s analyze the first block. The teams’ standings are displayed on the left. The regular season number and game day are shown in the center. Below is a flash player with the broadcast of game highlights of matches. Interestingly, absolutely all matches are broadcast. You can switch between them by clicking on the “Play” icon next to the desired match.

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