Rules of 3×3 basketball logo (streetball)

3×3 basketball is gaining popularity all over the world every year. If in the 50s this sport only appeared, now official 3-on-3 tournaments are held all year round: world championships of different ages, world tour 3×3, all-star matches 3×3. And recently, this discipline has become an olympic sport, and in 2020 in Tokyo, we will be able to see the first in the history of the olympics draw a set of medals for 3×3 basketball.

Advantages of 3×3 basketball

For participants of such a match, the advantages are clear – the game is livelier, basketball players often contact the ball, perform more technical and tactical actions. For the audience, too, there is a big plus – the match is held at a dynamic pace, if the teams are about the same level, then the situation on the court can quickly change in different directions. For those who can’t live without betting, the same benefits as for regular fans. Games are fast (so you don’t have to wait long for the result of the bet), fairly clear rules, a large selection of tournaments of different levels.

Basic rules of 3-on-3 basketball

It is clear that if this is a type of basketball logo, athletes play with their hands, their main goal is to throw the ball into the basket. There are three people from each team on the site, and another spare is on the bench. Coaches can’t influence the game in any way (hints are forbidden even from the stands). The match lasts:

  • only 1 period of 10 minutes without stops
  • until one of the teams scores 21 points.

The game is played on a 15-by-11-meter parquet floor with a layout that mimics the look of a classic basketball court. There is only one ring, and both teams throw it in. The maximum reward for a long-range throw is 2 points, and the remaining attempts are rated at one point. The time allowed for an attack is 12 seconds. After picking up the ball, the defending team can start its attack only when it takes the game projectile (gives a pass) over the long-throw line.

According to the marking, a throw of 2 points is like a 3-point zone of regular basketball. After losing an opponent or intercepting the ball, the second team can immediately attack the ring, without taking it beyond the line of long throws. At tournaments, a special weighted ball is used (usually #6-with a circumference of 75 cm and a weight of 1.4 kg).

Other differences in the rules of 3×3 basketball

As in other sports, the rules of streetball, as 3-on-3 basketball is also called, may change slightly depending on the rules of the tournament. All major tournaments that are most often seen on TV (as well as betting on them in bookmakers) are held under the rules of FIBA basketball 3×3. These are strictly regulated conditions under which teams can attack and defend, and how free throws are awarded or possession is transferred.

The beginning of the attack of any basketball jersey design team, as well as simple possession of the ball, can only begin after the “check” – the transfer of the ball from a player of one team to their opponent, who was just defending. Substitution in the game can be made before the “check”, that is, until one of the teams has started its attack. The change of players takes place on the front line of the court – the opposite side of the ring.

As in big-time basketball, it may take extra time to determine the winner. Overtime in 3×3 basketball is only up to 2 points scored, no matter what score the main time ended with. The game begins with a draw – the referee tosses a coin, and the winning side chooses possession at the beginning of the match, or in overtime (if there is one).

Defending players cannot actively pick up the ball under the basket (in the area of the semicircle, where fouls are not recorded in a collision). This point of the rules may be interpreted differently, or be absent in FIBA tournaments.

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