Rules for betting on basketball games

To place bets on basketball games, you must have at least a minimal understanding of the rules of this game. In this article, we will analyze possible differences in the rules that are most often found in basketball matches.

Standard rules that everyone has heard about

It’s no secret that basketball is played with your hands, the ball is thrown into a special basket. If you do not take into account streetball basketball, beach basketball and other varieties of this game, the match consists of four quarters. There is a break between the 1st and 2nd quarter and the 3rd and 4th quarter. The duration of one period is 10-12 minutes. The game is usually played 5×5, if the winner was not revealed in the main time, overtime is assigned.

The difference in basketball rules

Basketball games may have different rules depending on the rules of the tournament. There may be different length of quarters (the most popular options are 10 minutes in European leagues, 12 minutes in the NBA and Asia), the number of players on each side from three to five people. Different sizes of platforms, markings, and floor coverings are applied.

The rules themselves may also change for participants:

  • technical data are considered differently
  • personal and disqualifying fouls

In some tournaments, basketball players can take a time-out, but somewhere this option is only available for coaches.

The team’s attack time may also vary. Therefore, if you are new to betting in BC, it is strongly recommended to read the rules of specific championships and tournaments that you want to bet on in basketball.

Scoring points, determining the winner

For a team to win, it must earn more points after four quarters than the opponent. Points in basketball are awarded in different ways. It depends on the distance of the throw, and whether the attempt was made from the game or from a free kick. The ball thrown from the nearest distance from the ring is evaluated with 2 points. A hit from the far three-point zone is worth 3 points.

Penalties are thrown by the player against whom a foul was committed from a certain line (usually there are two attempts – you can earn from 0 to 2 points), each hit is worth 1 point. According to the rules of basketball, one penalty can be given if an attacking player throws a two-point shot before violating the rules. This situation is called “2 with a foul”.

If the main time of the match is over and the score is equal, an additional 5 minutes (overtime) is usually assigned. If no one still leads, the next 5 minutes are added until one of the teams wins.

Playground, markup, and nuances of the rules

The common size of a basketball playground is 28 × 15 meters. The markup differs in the USA (the world’s strongest NBA League) from FIBA (the international basketball organization). So, the three-point line is located at a distance of 7.24 m from the shield for the NBA basketball court, while in Europe, the distance is usually 6.75 meters. The basket is 305 centimeters high. Different balls are used for men’s and women’s basketball. In men, the game projectile is slightly larger and heavier.

The match begins with a standard throw-in of the “disputed ball”. Each attack is given a limited time (usually 24 seconds). A player in possession of the ball can only move with it by hitting it on the floor. Otherwise, a foul run will be assigned.

The rules stipulate the transfer of a projectile from one zone to another (pass from attack to defense is called a foul), the presence of a basketball player on certain areas of the playground is also limited (for example, in the three-second zone). If the team does not enter the ball into the game from the sideline in 5 seconds or does not move to the attack from the defense in 8 seconds, then possession and the right to attack is transferred to the opponent.

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