Bets on Chinese abs cbn ball 2019

In recent years, basketball in China has been gaining new momentum. The main reason is the financial component. Large companies bought shares of local clubs, which had a positive impact not only on the marketing of teams, but also on the level of the Chinese championship in general. Money traditionally attracts bookmakers, so betting on Chinese abs cbn ball 2019 became a popular type of betting among players. In addition, the CBA presents a lot of surprises for betters, on which you can earn good money.

Development of Chinese basketball

The professional basketball League in China was founded relatively recently – in 1995. Initially, the championship could not be called strong. The level of the Euroleague and, especially, the NBA was completely higher. However, due to the infusion of finance in recent years, the CBA has become much stronger. In almost every Chinese club, you can find a Legionnaire who played in the United States.

Today, basketball in Asia is experiencing its peak. In addition to experienced players from the NBA or Europe, local basketball players also hone skill, although in terms of stability, they have a lot to add.

Despite the extra money being poured in and the rise of the CBA, the level of refereeing here is suffering greatly. The judges admit an awful lot of mistakes. Often such mistakes affect the outcome of the game. To solve this problem, KBA officials are beginning to attract referees from Europe or the United States to the League and gradually send their own referees to other countries for training.

It is also worth noting the problems of searching for statistical information about local clubs. The leadership of the Chinese Basketball Association is still dormant in this direction. It is obvious that now the main forces are thrown at the marketing component.

Anyway, today basketball is the number one sport in the Middle Kingdom. Regular championship matches are held almost without breaks, and the stadiums in each round are in a crowded state. However, betting on Chinese basketball, like other sports, is prohibited here, but there are still betters who spend a lot of money in bookmakers. Despite the restrictions, local players are not afraid to make bets on the Internet on foreign sites. Moreover, as the statistics of bookmakers show, in Chinese basketball, there are huge amounts of money.

Who plays in China?

The boom in American basketball background players in the Middle Kingdom occurred in 2011 immediately after the NBA lockout. In addition to Europe, the stop of the regular season in the United States was skilfully used in China. Several stars moved here on a temporary basis:

  • J. R. Smith;
  • Stephon Marbury;
  • Kenyon Martin;
  • Wilson Chandler.

The impasse in the NBA has opened up multi-million-dollar contracts from China to American players. There were crazy offers even to Lebron James and Kobe Bryant, but they refused to move permanently to China.

In the Chinese Basketball Association, Jimmer Fredette, a former Sacramento king’s player, shone with confidence. He acquired his star status in the NCAA. In 2019, he also played for the American Phoenix suns, and now moved to the Greek Panathinaikos. In general, the arrival of basketball players from overseas has had a positive impact on the skills of Chinese players, who are now actively moving to the NBA. The level of the national team has also increased.

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